GENERAL INFORMATION: Yoga means to bring together: body, breath, mind and spirit.

New to Yoga or a studio setting? The following tips will give you some guidance on what to expect.

  • Please arrive 10-15 prior to class start time. If this is your first time, the few extra minutes will allow you to fill out a registration form and waiver and to meet the teacher and find out where to stash your gear and locate washrooms etc. (note: if you do not have a yoga mat, we have some available for you - no charge.)
  • Dress comfortably - something that moves with you (nothing baggy), an extra layer on top helps regulate temperature.
  • Until you feel more confident in your yoga practice, please let the teacher know you are new to yoga. At all times (everyone), let us know of any injuries or limitations you might have.
  • If you are new to yoga, find a spot where you can see the teacher and other students so if you feel a little lost, you can see and follow along better.
  • Our studio is small for a reason. We believe strongly in community, so feel free to introduce yourself to the students around you, and ask questions of fellow students and the teacher. Smaller class size allows our teachers to keep an eye on the entire class and offer more personalized guidance.
  • From time to time the teacher may ask if they can offer a ‘hands-on’ assist to help you find more stability or ease in a yoga posture. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can refuse – no offence will be taken.
  • All classes begin with a few minutes of centering then some warm-up movements and will build to more challenging postures. It is common to feel quite warm, but we’ll offer cool down poses and close the class with a reclining rest (savasana). Always work at your own pace. Yoga should never be painful, but you may experience mild discomfort as your muscles stretch and strengthen.
  • Always feel free to rest during practice or come out of a posture early. We never want to force or push you to stay in poses. You will build strength, flexibility and endurance over time. Enjoy your practice, and always give us feedback so we can continue to make your experience as positive as possible.