Community is at the heart of yoga. We strive to create and support community-building efforts here at home as well as reaching out to the world whenever we can. Every initiative each of us takes no matter the size, helps us "be the change you want to see in the world". ~Mahatma Gandhi

Shanti Uganda

Heart Centre Yoga has chosen to sponsor the Shanti Uganda Society because of a shared belief that peace begins within and to allow ourselves to heal, we must act from a place of love and compassion. The Shanti Uganda Society improves the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of communities impacted by war, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Burnaby Heights Merchant Association

We're proud to be part of the Burnaby Heights community and to have the support of the Burnaby Heights Merchants Association. The Heights is a special place!

Volunteer Grandparents

Volunteer Grandparents exists to bring together older people and young families in a variety of ways. Older adults are playing a role or making a contribution to the younger generation and children who have a relationship with an older adult develop socially and emotionally in many positive ways. We support "Volunteer Grandparents" at their annual volunteer appreciation picnic!


The Fat Yogini

Lisa Papez is a self-identified Fat Yogini, a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and an eternal optimist with a joyful love of life. Having practiced yoga for over 10 years before becoming a teacher, Lisa was delighted to discover that Yoga not only made her feel great physically and emotionally, but also completely transformed the wasy she felt about herself and her body. That is why Lisa is so passionate about teaching Yoga as a path to Body Acceptance. Because Lisa teaches from her own perspective as The Fat Yogini, her compassionate and gentle Hatha Yoga classes move at a pace appropriate for the group and are chock full of unique pose modifications designed to allow all bodies to access the benefits of Yoga regardless of shape, size, or level of ability.